The Family Adams Project

1880-1930: Fifty Years of Unique History of a Fenland Community


Cary and Ricki Outis are professional artists who live in a village just outside Littleport.  As well as doing their own work they have both been working in community arts since the mid nineties.  They are each able to bring different skills to this project. Cary specialises in drawing, painting and sculpture.  He is fluent in computer graphics.

Ricki is a textile artist with extensive experience in running screen print and banner making workshops. We work within a wide range of contexts- infants, children, young people and  senior citizens. We both run classes for Adults with Learning Disabilities and are able to adapt activities to suit any special needs that participants may have. 

  Ricki Outis 

We will be running workshops within which local school, youth and community groups will be doing observational drawings of the Adams store and its contents as well as drawings which describe what is no longer visible - the oral and written histories of the shop, the family and the environment and community of the period.

The drawings produced  will become part of the archival book and be screen printed onto banners which will be hung as part of the set for the dramatic performance. The banners will subsequently be available for display in various community locations- the parish hall, village hall, library etc.

5 workshops run either by Cary or Ricki in schools, and other community groups.

They will also be involved in assembling the archival book which will be a record of  the project.

A fun and educational opportunity to explore local history through the processes of recording and interpretation.



      Cary Outis 

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