The Family Adams Project

1880-1930: Fifty Years of Unique History of a Fenland Community

The creation of an interactive living memory book using the visual arts and writing workshops for archival interpretation.

The book will contain the Gypsy play script, plans of the scaled model and a record of new objects, photographs charting the project, the documentary CDs showing the interior of Adams Shop and stories from the community.

Key Sage 2 pupils at Littleport Community Primary School will be encouraged into the role as young archivists.  They will go into the community looking for period artefacts, from bus ticket to domestic utensils.  Armed with questionnaires, they will come face to face with living history, interviewing their families and members of the community about the social life of the period and Adams part in it. 

The information and objects gathered will be used in the workshops where, through the visual arts and writing, they will make archival interpretations for the book which itself will be a living archive preserving a slice of Littleport life for the entertainment and education of future generations.

    Poet & Artist John Lyons 

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